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It's October here at On the Rhodes and you know what that means....It's that magical time to buy the jumbo size bag of candy "for the kids", feign surprise when you only have a few trick-or-treaters, then sit on the couch and eat it all yourself. It's tradition, you know. ;-)

In family news this month it' and marriage, love and marriage, they go together like a horse and carriage.........

Brent Epling married Dawn Chamberlain on June 24, 2006 in a small ceremony in Belle, West Virginia attended by several members of the Rhodes clan. Brent is the son of Shellie, grandson of Don, great grandson of Bob and Kay, and great great grandson of Willy and Jennie. Whew! Do we all feel sufficiently old yet?? The newlyweds have settled down in Morgantown, West Virginia where Brent is attending WVU College of Law and Dawn will be following in her proud mother in law's footsteps by pursuing an MBA at Capella University while working full time during the day.

In other wedding news, Heather Rhodes and Ryan Johnson became engaged over the summer and plan to be married in May of 2007 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Heather, of course, is daughter of Don, granddaughter of Bob and Kay, and great granddaughter of Willy and Jennie. The happy couple currently resides in Johnson City, Tennessee where both are working toward completion of their bachelor's degrees. We'd like to invite you all to read more about Heather and Ryan and their upcoming wedding by visiting their webpage at:
Heather and Ryan's Site
Congratulations Heather and Ryan!!

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The On the Rhodes crew is currently seeking your written memories for inclusion in the documents section of the website. If you have special memories of a family member, living or deceased, please put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and share those stories with us! We are most concerned with preserving anecdotal snippets of our family history and ensuring that particular family members live on in print. Don't worry about your writing skills or lack thereof--your stories can be edited, spell and grammar checked before they are added to On the Rhodes. You may post your stories and memories on our CrossRhodes Yahoo group site, or submit them via private email to Cathy Rhodes at:

And now, the moment you've been waiting for! Has your curiosity been piqued over the last month?? Please click here to view this month's very special PicTune honoree:


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