The Tale of Ginger and the Stockton Ghost
" Hoooooooo Ya' Gonna' Call "

The grave stones were all laying on the ground and the grass had grown up, but someone had cut it so we decided to go in and see if we could find any ancestors there.

The day was dark and it looked like it might rain. Cathy took her umbrella and Ginger took her rain coat but old Pappaw, in his pioneering spirit, decided to brave the elements.

We were pretty well into the cemetery when it started to rain and I told the girls I was going back to the car.  On the way, I remembered that I had one of those collapsible umbrellas in the glove compartment so I got it out and started back to where the kids were. 

As I approached with my open umbrella in one hand and my camera in the other I saw Ginger standing on a large stone slab trying to read the inscriptions. Cathy was standing beside the stone to help her so I thought that would be a good picture.

I raised my camera to snap the picture. Just then, Ginger looked around and saw that big black umbrella.  It scared her out of her wits! She jumped and was out of there just as I snapped the picture. We saw her running down the "Holler" screaming "I'm sorry, I'm sorry". She thought the ghost of the man whose grave she was standing on had come to get her.

Cathy and I lost track of her, but went down to where we thought she had gone and we found her behind a large tree peeking around it, wide eyed, and asking us if "IT" was still there.  After a good bit of conversation, old Uncle Buddy was able to convince Ginger that "IT" had gone back to its final resting place and she came from behind the tree. 

We skirted around the edge of the Grave Yard to the gate and got on the safe side of the fence.  From there we took our pictures through holes in the fence so as not to disturb the dead people there. 

So Ginger will long remember her first trip to Flemingsburg Kentucky by her frightening encounter with the 'Stockton Ghost.'
--Robert Rhodes